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CBS4 Boston

October 18, 2006

CBS4 Boston
(CBS4) BOSTON They call themselves "HRT," which is short for hormone replacement therapy. They are five, "40-something" wives and moms who live in the Sharon-area and have been drawn-together by their shared passion rock music.

The members of "HRT" have been rehearsing for an upcoming New York gig. Lisa and Marlane have been best friends for years. They met Tammy at spin class. Emily connected with them through her daughter's school and Marian works at their dentist's office.

They started playing together less than two years ago and at the time; two of the band members had virtually no music experience. Now they call themselves an "all-female jam band" and they've performed in the Boston-area and in New York City. They say they're neighbors, husbands and children are their biggest fans.

The members of "HRT" say they hope to inspire others to go after their dreams no matter how unconventional those goals might be.

by Joyce Kulhawik, Click here for live video news story

updated: 10 years ago