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The Boston Globe

April 06, 2006

The Boston Globe
Call it Metallica meets ''Desperate Housewives." Three 40-ish stay-at-home moms from Sharon are selling out shows as the mom rock band HRT (and, yes, that stands for hormone replacement therapy). -- After filling the 700-seat Stoughton Theater in October, HRT ventured to Newton's The Attic in January. Again, fans jammed the place. So they'll be back at The Attic tomorrow night to give folks another shot to get in and rock out (dig out your old black T-shirt now). -- The draw goes beyond the hype (and they've had plenty; the band is working out a date to appear on a national talk show). It seems HRT has literally struck a chord with an underserved hard-rock demographic: suburban parents. -- ''I didn't give up my love for screaming-loud AC/DC rock music just because I have kids and turned 40," said lead guitarist Marlane Pinkowitz, 42. ''Our generation, because we grew up in the '70s and '80s with great music, still wants to come out to concerts. But they want to see a band they can connect with."

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