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November 01, 2005

They're housewives--but don't call them desperate. They're over forty, but they definitely know how to rock-n-roll.

Meet the band HRT - short for Hormone Replacement Therapy... A group of Massachusetts moms who got together and formed a rock band.

Marlane Pinkowitz/Lead Guitar
"I was always a wannabe rock-n-roll star."

They sing about issues women their age can relate to: family, kids, low carb diets.

Tammy Robbins /Lyricist and Drummer
"Drinking too much coffee, having too much laundry, spending too much money."

But while the lyrics can be funny - these hot mamas take their music very seriously.

Lisa Yves/Lead Singer
"Musically we wanted to be hard core, classic rock, rock band. That's where we wanted to go. We didn't want to be this Desperate Housewives group

by Marianne Mancusi, Click here for full story

updated: 10 years ago